Your attendance at these meetings is critical ...
... Bring your neighbors, friends, and co-workers!!

The meeting dates and times are "Subject to Change". To get the latest information, check the Save Our Hills website often and sign-up to receive e-mail action alerts.  Go to our Contact Us page and put "subscribe" in the first line of your message. We will update you if a meeting changes.

14 October

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)


Now is the critical time to get involved! Please attend the October 14th and October 21st Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings. The CAC will make a final decision on the final Reuse plans that will govern where development and open space will occur on the Concord Naval Weapons Station. It's important that you attend these final meetings because there will be less chances to alter the plan as the process comes to an end. The City Council is planned to pick a FINAL plan on January 12, 2009. We need to make sure that the plan protects all the land east of the creek and all the development is served by public transportation.

The midnight hour is closely approaching. Greenbelt Alliance needs your comments and voice at these upcoming meetings!

When: 6:30 P.M, Tuesday October 14th
Where: Concord Senior Center, 2727 Parkside Circle, Concord

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