How to Help

How can you help spread the word?

Handout these flyers to your friends and neighbors

Hillside Ordinance Info Sheet

Here is the latest version of the Hillside Ordinance Info Sheet (updated 3-4-2008). It briefly describes the issues and lists upcoming meetings.

You can help us alert others to the problem by handing out this flyer to your friends and neighbors. The record for door-to-door handouts is 200 flyers in 2 days. Tell us how many you hand out.

Warning: The US Postal Service does not want you to place anything in (or on) the mailbox, unless it has the proper postage.

Maps, Maps, Maps

Here some maps that visually shows the proposed areas. You can just look at these maps and see how the proposed developments will affect our traffic and quality of life. There is also a map showing the proposed Buchanan Road Bypass.

Faria Ranch and Montreaux - Map showing the Faria Ranch and Montreaux development proposals.

Faria Ranch, Montreaux and Thomas Ranch - Map showing the Faria Ranch and Montreaux development proposals and the future Thomas Ranch project.

Montreaux - Map showing the Montreaux development proposal.

Faria Ranch - Map showing the Faria Ranch development proposal.

Buchanan Road Bypass - Map showing the proposed 2 lane roadway that is supposed to relieve congestion on Buchanan Road.

Save Our Hills Sign

Here is a Save Our Hills Sign that you can put in your window at home or in your car to show support. We also put them on the back of our clipboards while collecting letters and signatures. Let us know how you use it.

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Contact the City Council Members and the Planning Commissioners

We have collected almost 200 "hand written" letters from Pittsburg residents asking the City Council to proceed cautiously.

Here is a Sample Letter that can be used to help others express their opinions.

You can find the Contact Information for the City of Pittsburg here.

(Don't forget to "cc"

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Letters to the Editor

Write a letter to the Contra Costa Times and the Pittsburg Press opposing hillside development.

Letters for the Contra Costa Times print edition must be 200 words or fewer and include your first and last name, address and daytime telephone number. All letters are subject to verification and editing. Please do not include attachments.
Email to

The Pittsburg Press is part of The Press Newspapers which covers the cities of Antioch, Bay Point, Bethel Island, Brentwood, Byron, Discovery Bay, Knightsen, Oakley, and of course, Pittsburg. The editor welcomes reader comments on editorial content in the monthly print edition as well as material appearing on the website. Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions can be emailed to the editor, Rick Lemyre or can be submitted online. The Press phone number is 925-634-1441.

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Participate in Forums and Blogs

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Do you have advice or tips that you would like to share?

Submit advice and tips through our Contact Us page.  We appreciate your input, so please be specific.

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Do you want to receive our e-mail action alerts?

Go to our Contact Us page put "subscribe" in the first line of your message.  We will add you to our "fast growing" list of concerned citizens.

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