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What is this photo?

This photo shows the hillside that is subject to development in Pittsburg, above the CNWS and visible throughout the Central Contra Costa County region. It was shared with the Concord/Pittsburg Los Medanos Working Group recently. The photo was taken in Newhall Park in Concord, and aside from the highlighting and text showing the hillside at question, has not been altered. The trees near the area are the tall eucalyptus trees visible on the hillsides on the CNWS.

Los Medanos Hills

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What is The Los Medanos Hills – Concord and Pittsburg Working Group?

Concord and Pittsburg formed The Los Medanos Hills – Concord and Pittsburg Working Group which first met in April. The four meetings which have been held thus far have been attempts for the cities to develop a common understanding of what is being proposed for the hills. Most of the problems revolved around defining on maps both the various planning options and the visual effects they would have based on their relation to the topographical layout of the area from Concord's point of view. It was interesting to note the cooperation between the cities at the staff level. Concord, who has been using computerized mapping (GIS) systems for some time, is helping Pittsburg get started using theirs.

However, it is disturbing to find that one of the two Pittsburg members of the group is Councilman Sal Evola who has a direct conflict of interest as a vice president of group the companies which own and want to develop the area in question. One has to question his motives and the Pittsburg's wisdom having him represent the city on the group.

We were not at the first two meetings of the group and have been unable to obtain a copy of the purpose or charge of the group. Based on the meetings we have attended and minutes from the second meeting, it appears the group was formed at the bequest of Concord. Their concerns include not wanting the development in Pittsburg to be visible from Concord and possible adverse impacts on Mt. Diablo Creek.

The next meeting of the group is tentatively set for 9:00 am July 23 at the Permit Center Conference room, 1950 Parkside Drive, Concord. It was delayed so that they could consider the recommendation of the Pittsburg Planning Commission on the proposed HPS (Hillside Performance Standards) and revised HPD (Hillside Planned Development).

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