Benicia council narrowly rejects controversial project
By JESSICA A. YORK Staff Writer
Times-Herald (Vallejo, CA)

October 8, 2008

A weary Benicia City Council early today rejected a controversial 528-acre business park development after strong concerns were raised that it would result in health and safety impacts too numerous to mitigate.

The 3-2 vote against the project was taken shortly after 1 a.m.

The rejection came despite last-minute developer concessions to reduce traffic, air pollution and other possible impacts and promises to push for so-called high-tech businesses to locate in the proposed business park.

No Surprise
Three members of the Benicia Council voted for the future health and welfare of the community. The other two, well....(up for re-election next year, $$$$$)

Bill Foreman
To the three who voted against this project, thank you.

Not Surprised Too
Benicia citizens knew Schwartzman and Hughes would line up with the developer for the financial support in next years election.

Mike I. really defined himself last night with comments and the only appropriate vote to keep a tight rein on Seeno and their well documented track record.

Save Our Hills
Well Done Benicia !! You have taken the correct action !!!

Seeno Defeated
The Seeno family has been kicked out of Benicia. Donít worry about them, they will feel better after they go home and cry in a bag of their money.

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