Pittsburg Hillside Development

Draft Hillside Development Ordinance

These are the hills we are saving!!

Help us to preserve the beauty of these hills for future generations.

Mt. Diablo from Bay Point

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What's going on?

uh-oh.jpg Back in November 2005, Measure P stated that Pittsburg was voting for open space protection and traffic reduction. Unfortunately, just the opposite is happening and there is a push for more development which, will lead to more traffic. The recently proposed draft Hillside Development Ordinance allows for massive development above the 500-foot elevation!

Don't let the City of Pittsburg give away our hills to the Seeno Family with their plan to build up to 1,650 sprawl units and estate mansions in our hills! This irresponsible development will add 13,000 extra car trips PER DAY to our local roads, hidden costs to taxpayers, air pollution, and destroy wildlife habitat.

Help improve the image and quality of life in our city. SAVE OUR HILLS!!

What you can do:

Get involved in the effort to protect Pittsburg's hillsides!

It is up to us to guarantee the protection of our hillsides for future generations. We need to make sure the public is included in the process every step of the way.

  • Attend this Meeting and the other Important Meetings to voice your opinion on the City's vision to allow massive development on our hillsides! You can view all of the upcoming meetings on our Meetings page.
    19 January

    Concord Planning Commission

    Planning Commission Study Session on Concord Reuse Project Area Plan

    What: Concord Planning Commission meeting on former Naval Weapons Station

    When: 5:30 – 6:45 p.m.

    Where: Council Chambers, 1950 Parkside Drive, Concord

    RSVP: Email Matt Vander Sluis, Senior Field Representative of Greenbelt Alliance.

    A climate for better planning in Concord

    The Concord Planning Commission will conduct a study session on the Climate Action Plan for the Concord Naval Weapons Station.

    Please attend this study session! Ask them to ensure that all portions of the site are walkable and well served by transit, including the northern commercial sections along Highway 4.

    This study session -- and the next on Feb. 2 -- are great opportunities to ask questions and encourage the city to keep strengthening the plan’s smart growth features.

    Background: In February 2010, the Concord City Council voted 3-2 for a plan to preserve open space and put more homes near transit at the former military site. While Greenbelt Alliance and the Community Coalition for a Sustainable Concord were pleased with the overall outcome, we were also told that many details would be hammered out in subsequent planning documents, particularly in the Area Plan. Now it’s time to see if those commitments have been upheld.

    Take Action: Attend the Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday, January 19, to find out more about the reuse plans for the former weapons station. If you can't make the meeting,

    For more information, visit the

  • Contact us to get involved or for more information, go to our Contact Us page and tell us what you need.
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  • Contact Mayor Nancy Parent and City Council members Michael Kee, Ben Johnson, Will Casey and Sal Evola, and let them know that you oppose any further development of the hills. You can email the Mayor and City Council, or write to the City Council by mail at:
    Pittsburg City Council, 65 Civic Avenue, Pittsburg, CA 94565
  • Write a Letter to the Editor of the Contra Costa Times & the Pittsburg Press opposing hillside development. The letter should be 200 words or less. Send your letter to the Contra Costa Times and Rick Lemyre-The Press

If you have questions or need more information:

Go to our Contact Us page.

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